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AdPro™ is delivered as a service consisting of a client app that interacts with a cloud hosted server. The client app requires internet connectivity to function properly. Eclipse Services will provide continuous availability of the server with the exception of occasional maintenance windows. Between 4 and 5 am any morning there might be a brief outage for updates.

AdPro™ is licensed by the simultaneous user. The definition of "simultaneous user" is at the sole discretion of Eclipse Services. In general it means the users who have recently interacted with application.

Sending Email

AdPro™ can use your email account to send messages to customers who have email addresses saved in the customer or contact info. Messages are composed by you in AdPro™ and sent upon your explicit request. Messages many be customized for each customer. Message may also include attached reports generated by AdPro™ such as receipts, invoices and account statements.

AdPro™ will not read, modify, or delete messages in your email account. A copy of messages sent through AdPro™ may be saved in your email account when you have the appropriate setting enabled in your email account settings. If you so choose, a copy of messages sent can also be saved in the Customer Communications stored in AdPro™. There is no connection between messages saved in Customer Communications and your email account.

Acceptable Uses


AdPro™ may be used as described in your contract with Eclipse Services and the document provided with the product. You are not allowed to decompile or reverse engineer the code. Nor are you allowed to use non-public server API for your own application.

Sending Email

You may send messages using AdPro™ to customers to whom you have an existing relationship. The message content should be related to your business with those customers. You may also send occasional messages to prospective customers. Repeated unsolicited messages, abusive messages, fraudulent or illegal activity may result in revocation of your permission to send emails from AdPro™.

Privacy Policy


AdPro™ stores the information you enter in a cloud server for your use. An administrative user may access any of the stored information with the exception of other user's passwords and credentials to external services like payment gateways and email accounts. An administrative user may edit or enter all information including other user's permissions and credentials to external services.

Additional users may be created as needed. Each can be assigned to a number of roles which determine what they can view, enter, edit and delete. In general, if a user can view one type of data they can view that data anywhere it appears in the application.

Eclipse Services will collect only your name, address, other contract information and financial transactions needed to conduct our business with you. Copies of the data in AdPro™ are stored securely on secondary servers to provide continuity of service. We do not share any information with any third party for any reason unless ordered by a court of law.

Eclipse Services follows best practices to secure the cloud servers we manage. We will notify you when we can confirm there has been a breech of our servers. This notification will include what information we believe might be compromised.

Sending Email

AdPro™ will retain information needed to send messages on your behalf via the email service(s) you configure in My Email Accounts. Passwords or other secure credentials needed to authenticate you with the email service are stored encrypted in AdPro™. The encryption is based on your AdPro™ login credentials. If you share your login information with anyone else, they will be able to send messages using your identity. They may further be able to alter the email settings such that your identity is compromised or the privacy of your email messages is compromised. While technically difficult, it is still possible for them to retrieve your email credentials and access your email account directly without using AdPro™.

Copies of messages you send in AdPro™ can be saved in Customer Communications. Those communications are visible to any AdPro™ user with permission to view Customer Communications in AdPro™.

Eclipse Services will not use your email account for any purpose other than at your request to assist with a problem. 

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