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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide integrated business software to effectively manage media companies, so that our customers, in turn, can provide high quality, accurate news to communities and campuses everywhere.

We want to make it as easy as possible to prospect for customers, sell, book, produce, track and get paid for the various kinds of ads and services you provide. Our goal is your success because we share the greater purpose of providing strong, clear local news everywhere.

Our Story

Eclipse Services, A Division of Quadrivium, Inc., was founded in 1984 and incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1987. AdPro, our main software product, was first actively used in 1991 at the Daily Pennsylvanian. College and commercial media businesses, community newspapers, small newspaper chains, and online publications all use AdPro. Most of our original customers and the core of our original staff are still using and developing AdPro today.

We are a small, privately-owned company with primary staff in Pennsylvania and Maine. 

Since 2002 we have worked from a network of home offices connected by a range of internet-based software tools. This allows us to hire anywhere, keep overhead low and enjoy casual Friday every day. Please contact us if you need to ship something.

Our Customers

Our customers are our key collaborators.

Many of the features in AdPro were suggested by our customers, starting with the ideas from the Daily Pennsylvanian for the first version of AdPro, to the addition of a web-based payment portal, an eMedia inventory report and AdPro Go. We test ideas by talking with users, and thinking hard about what software innovations make newly possible. 

We know AdPro inside and out – but it's the people who do the actual work and the people who manage a publication who understand the "zen" of how AdPro should be set up and used in their office in their community. 

The integration of AdPro expertise and local business expertise, the exchange of ideas, and the collaborative work of two teams results in a successful installation and a successful relationship. Over the long term, it also leads to a successful business enterprise providing news to the world. And that is our goal. 

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