AdPro. Software that makes ad tracking fly.

What does AdPro do?

Print Ads

Sell, book and track display, class display and line ads in one or more publications,  cross-sell as needed. Accept line ads online and in the office within one production stream. Produce ads to print or to the web.

Social Media, Web & Service Sales

Sell, book and track web and social media ads. Bundles? Yes, as well as sales related to events, graphic design, radio, TV, newspaper boxes and more. Sales outcomes and predictions for newer ad types are conveniently incorporated in all reports.

Sales & Prospecting

Track sales "to-do's" for prospects and customers. Evaluate reps for coaching and assess how close you are to meeting your goal. Quick commissions, top customers report, outgoing emails/communications to micro-targeted customers. 

AdPro Go

Turn your sales reps loose with all the customer information they need in AdPro Go, running on iPhone or iPad. 

Enter and track "to-do's" in real time. See customer information including past sales, credit status, and contact details. Email, call or map your customers as needed. 

Once you try it you'll never want to work without it. 

Accounts Receivable & General Ledger

Billing, A/R and collections  are included, including up-to-the-minute credit status reporting and follow-up reminders for collections. Advertisers can see and pay what they owe via credit card through your web site. 

Send invoices and/or statements via email as ads are booked or as a period-end batch. All standard accounting reports separate revenue by profit center, even if you cross-sell ads over several publications and accept payments in one centralized location. Upload invoices to a separate GL system.

GL reports include Income Summary and AdJusted Trial Balance. ATB can be transferred to QuickBooks. 

Support Second
to None

Prompt, individually written replies to all support questions, free training at conferences and via screen sharing. We take personal pride in making sure our support is second to none. Contact through AdPro via the Help menu, or by clicking here

Existing customers: We are still moving the support section of our prior website to these pages. Please log in for detailed support here. Need your log in info? Contact us and include your phone number in the message.



I'd like a demo of AdPro...

Please contact us to schedule a live screenshare demo.


What does AdPro cost?

AdPro costs vary depending on the number of concurrent users, as well as training and setup costs. Please contact us for more information.


Is there a limit on how many or how few AdPro users I can license?

You can license AdPro and AdPro Go for one concurrent user or hundreds. AdPro will not slow down or konk out on you, even at deadline, even with many users logged on. 


Is AdPro sold as a service or as a standalone product?

Typically as a service. Because our costs are lower using the subscription model we pass those savings along to you. Frequent upgrades, which are quicker and easier under the subscription model, have the benefit of keeping your data more secure and adding needed features. 


Will AdPro run on Windows or Mac?

It runs on both, at  your option and on mixed networks. AdPro runs on current versions of any OS and, with several upgrades a year it virtually never holds you up on an OS upgrade. Even so, we do recommend contacting us before upgrading.


Where can I get more information?

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