AdPro. Software that makes ad tracking fly.

Managing a newspaper chain?

AdPro provides options for centralizing or de-centralizing financial management including cash management, customer credit policies, and commissions. It offers combined or separate General Ledger reports, and makes it easy to cross-sell into multiple publications. Pin-point usage permissions can be centralized or de-centralized. See more about features here, or contact us for a free demo.

Growing a start-up publication?

AdPro is easy to learn and intuitive to use. You can start with a single concurrent user and add others as needed. AdPro elegantly handles a wide range of ad sales (online, social media, print, and many others). Our app, AdPro Go, provides access to sales and customer information wherever you are. More info on features is here. Contact us for a free demo.

Working in student media?

AdPro allows an automatic upload of invoices to a University GL to avoid re-typing. It's easy to learn and use: Training for new reps is quick. It's easy to transfer customers to a new rep at semester- or year-end, and it offers elegant solutions for selling non-traditional ad types — social media, online ads, news racks — and many more. Bundling is streamlined. Take a look at some of AdPro's features here or contact us for a free demo. 

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